Internet Legends press release, sample quote and tweet

Quote: Simon Hart MP
"It was great to have Google in the area this week helping explain just how important internet safety is.
Understanding privacy and showing respect to other users was the key Google message and the kids
were really engaged!"
Press release
Google and Parent Zone bring Internet Legends assembly to Carmarthen West to help kids stay safe
Google and Parent Zone, the UK’s leading family internet safety organisation, brought their latest Internet
Legends assembly to Tavernspite School in Carmarthen West on Friday 20th October. Created by Google,
Internet Legends runs exciting, interactive school assemblies to teach 8-11 year olds how to stay safe
and act responsibly online
During the assemblies children are taught the memorable Internet Legends code: ‘Think Before You
Share’, ‘Protect Your Stuff’, ‘Check It’s For Real’, and ‘Respect Each Other’. Participants learn to think
before they post content online, protect themselves using effective passwords and strong privacy
settings, question anything that sounds too good to be true, and report anything inappropriate they see to
the site in question and to a trusted adult.
Google and Parent Zone are working alongside parents, teachers, and pupils to spread the message
about how to make the most of the Internet in a fun and positive way. Through this program they aim to
help children to get the most out of what the internet can offer while empowering them with the skills to
stay safe and act responsibly online.
Between the ages of 8-11 children begin to develop the notion of “digital resilience,” and are beginning to
explore the internet on their own. The program helps children develop strong skills and encourages
positive behaviour from the very beginning, alongside using the tools and settings built in to many online
platforms to ensure a safer experience.
More than 70 Internet Legends assemblies have been held already and the programme has reached
20,000 children so far. Free online lesson plans, teacher resources and communications materials for
parents are also available.