Conservative Group Best Attendance Record for Council Meetings

Councillor attendance figures for 2018/19 have just been released by Pembrokeshire County Council. The data shows that the Conservative group have clearly got the best attendance figures with an average attendance of 93.18%. The IPPG group achieved 89.46%, Labour 86.7%, Unaffiliated Councillors achieved 84.95% and Plaid 82.17%.


Looking at members that achieved 100% attendance, 27.3% of the Conservative Group attended all meetings they were scheduled to, the IPPG group achieved 30.8%, Labour achieved 14.3%, and Unaffiliated 23.8%. No Plaid members attended 100% of meetings. Overall 14 members achieved 100% attendance at meetings. The lowest attendance by a member, discounting those on sick leave, was 61%.


Looking at individual member committee attendance, the figures are based on a years data from 18 different committees , 1 Plaid member attended 10 different committees throughout the year and a Conservative member 9 different committees. The lowest number of different committees attended by a member was 3, this data includes both Annual and Full Council meetings. The more varied committees a Councillor attends, the greater their knowledge becomes.


Conservative County Councillor Mark Carter summarised

" What this data clearly shows is that the Conservative group is working together as a team to ensure that all committee seats are filled and if a member is unavailable then wherever possible a stand in member is provided. This cannot be done by unaffiliated members nor on Licencing or Planning Committees"